The 5 things you should do when you get a new plant

The 5 things you should do when you get a new plant

It happened again, didn’t it? You said it was the last one but the trails and fronds of your favourite plant shop beckoned and you bought another plant.

But that’s okay. No judgement here - we can’t keep our no-more-plant promises either. What we CAN do, is bring you the steps you need to take to welcome a new green babe to your home.


1. Don’t water it! 🚫

It’s tempting to start caring for your plant as soon as you get it, but hold off for at least a few days (unless soil is very dry). When you do water, use Grow to get things moving.


2. Isolate the plant 🦠

Sometimes, new plants can bring gnats and other nasties with them. Keep the newbie at least a few metres away from any of your other plants and check for any signs of leaf damage, pests or other issues. Read our tips for fighting Fungus Gnats here.

3. Do your research! 👩‍🔬

Buying a pretty plant is the easy part, but how the heck do you take care of it?! Light, water and nutrients are key to helping your plants live their best life, so check out our Grow Guides for the essential tips. 


4. Repot if necessary 🪴

And it often is. Your plant often comes in poor quality soil, so you should always check a few things: 

  • Is the soil suitable? Is it too packed, hydrophobic or free draining? Is it the right soil for the plant? 
  • Is there any signs of root rot? Are lower leaves in particular yellowing? Is the pot heavy with water? Does the soil smell bad? 
  • Is the plant root bound? Are roots poking through the drainage holes? Is the pot firm with packed roots when you squeeze it? 

If there are any issues, repot into a suitable sized pot with a good quality soil. Do this only after the isolation period so you don’t shock the plant too much. Ensure the mix is well draining by adding perlite and/or horticultural charcoal and of course mix Support pellets throughout for rich, healthy soil and strong roots. 

5. Clean the leaves 🍃

Dust and grime can build up on the leaves of store bought plants, which can hinder their ability to grow.  Spray the leaves with Protect and wipe with a tissue or cloth to de-stress your plant after the big move. 


Okay, now all this talk about new plants has got us dreaming of the next… time to go shopping. 

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