What is Hydrophobic Soil and How do I Fix it?

What is Hydrophobic Soil and How do I Fix it?

Whilst there are many things we love about our warm Aussie climate, dry soil is definitely not one of them!


What is hydrophobic soil?

Because of Australia’s hot, dry climate, soil can become so dry that it doesn’t want to take in any water – especially if you’re busy like us and forget to water! All in all, a disaster for our plant babes.

When soil dries out too much, bacterial and fungal life dies off, and a waxy coating builds up on soil particles. It makes your soil repel water rather than absorbing it, which means that no matter how much you water, your plants will be thirsty!


How do you know if your soil is hydrophobic?

Watch your soil when you water it — does the water run off? Does it pool on the surface? Is your soil dry an hour after you’ve watered it? All of these are signs you need to boost your soil.


Fix it with a bioactive fertiliser

Organic fertilisers stimulate soil microbes, which essentially keeps your plant babes healthy, prevents infection and encourage them to grow. The fungi and bacteria in Grow and Support also helps dry soil overcome water issues — so that your plants can absorb water again.


Don’t forget to water!

As we move into warmer weather, make sure your plants are watered regularly. Stick your finger into the soil to check for dryness. If it feels dry, it needs a drink!


Add more organic matter

A better way to improve your soil long-term, is to add organic matter like Support Pellets.


Give your plants a hydrating bath

For potted plants, you can hydrate your soil by placing the pot into a tub of water with diluted Grow Concentrate. Once you see bubbles surfacing, leave the pot to soak for at least 10-20 minutes.


Repot your plants 

Use a new potting mix and add in some Support Pellets when repotting to boost moisture levels and infuse your soil with fresh nutrients.

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