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Wild Words
for budding greenthumbs

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    How to Grow Devil's Ivy

    Why grow Devil’s Ivy at home? First up, this fast-growing flora, in all its glossy green, cascad...
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    The Spring Houseplant Guide for Victoria

    Spring can be a glorious time of year in Victoria, but it can also be a little unpredictable. Rig...
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    The Spring Houseplant Guide to NSW & ACT

    Winter is out, spring is officially in. Yes, we’ve thrown away the knitwear and are welcoming an ...
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    Spring houseplant guide for Queensland

    Queenslanders are lucky ducks; with warm winters and beautiful sunshine, the tropical housepl...
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    Spring Houseplant Guide for Western Australia

    Westerners prepare to rejoice — Spring has officially landed. And that means we can all look forw...
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    Spring Houseplant Guide for South Australia

    Spring has finally sprung! Blue skies and warmer days are round the corner. But before we burst o...
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    Spring Houseplant Guide for Tasmania

    Winter is out, spring is in! It's time to get excited! While spring days in Tassie are somewhat m...
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    The Essential Guide to Houseplant Roots

    The subterranean tentacles of your leafy friends are the key to it’s health, but how much do you ...
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    How do I grow a Fiddle Leaf Fig?

    Fiddle leaf Figs; they ‘re sculptural, affordable, easy to find…and can be a b***h to care for. ...