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Let's create a
greener, cleaner
& freer world

You buy,
we plant.

We’re committed to giving back to nature and helping to rebuild the natural environment. For every product you buy from us, we plant a tree to rebuild some of the most fragile ecosystems in the world, like the Australian bush that was devastated by bushfire. This helps green thumbs like you make a real difference towards restoring natural disaster zones with one simple action.


Our products are 100% Australian made, with completely traceable ingredients. Unlike many other products that are synthetic, imported or unsustainably sourced, we partner with environmentally-friendly local businesses to make use of organic waste that would otherwise go to landfill. So every time you give your plant a boost – know that local industries are getting one too.

Better for your plants,
and the environment

Certified Organic

Our NASAA certification (5544M) means that you can care for your plants with confidence.

Traceable ingredients

Every ingredient, in every drop or grain can be traced back to the patch of dirt from which it came.

Sustainably sourced

We're circular and responsible, and just a smidge proud of it.

Recyclable packaging

Our lightweight bottles and tins reduce transport C02 emissions, and are fully recyclable.

We’re diverting organic waste
from landfill

We feed our worms a specific mix of organic waste to give your plants the perfect nutrient and microbial combination they crave.

Humic acid
Tree clippings
Fish aminos
Butcher's waste
Worm casings
Poultry litter
Fulvic acid