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Valentine's Day


The perfect corporate gift this Christmas

Let's face it, not everyone wants wine and chocolate! Boost your staff and client's mental wellbeing with easy-to-care-for plants this Christmas.

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Did you know that desk plants are proven to reduce stress, purify air and provide mental clarity? Our sustainable plant care gifts let staff and clients nurture thriving plants without the guesswork, no matter the skill level. Beautifully packaged and thoughtfully delivered to either the home or office, it's the perfect corporate Christmas gift!

Small Potted Plant & Mini Care Kit

Your choice of small, easy to care for desk plant is packaged with a mini trio of the products your staff needs to keep it alive and thriving.

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Medium Potted Plant & Care Kit

Your choice of air-purifying plant is combined with our best-selling Essential Care pack to make the ultimate gift for health and wellness at home.

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Our Team Can Customise Your Green Gift

Got something else in mind? We can work with you to create the perfect solution for your staff and clients, with your own unique branding.

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""I call these the wonder products. My plants loveeee them!"""