YOUR most common plant questions, answered!

YOUR most common plant questions, answered!

You're not alone when it comes to plant care conundrums! Every month we help budding greenthumbs with their problems, and some are more common than others. Check out the MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED care questions for July. Have you had any of these? 

How do I get rid of fungus gnats? 

The most important preventative is to let your soil dry out WELL between waterings and make sure your plants are in a well ventilated area. Many people tell us they use Neem based spray on the soil and the plant. Check out more tips for fighting the pesky critters here or read up on how they affect your plants here.


How do I use We the Wild in hydro/LECA?

Support Pellets are your best friend here! Just add a tsp per cup of water and change out every 3-5 weeks. The pellets break down, providing your hydro plants and cuttings with consistent nutrients and essential root-building fungi! You can also use Protect on the leaves fortnightly to keep them shiny and healthy. Still curious? Check out our how-to video! 



How do I transfer from soil to water?

You'd be surprised how easy this is! The first thing you need to know is if your plant is hydro suitable; Peace Lilies, Philodendron, Monstera and Pothos are all great options for growing in water! All you really need to do is carefully remove as much soil from the roots as possible, give them a wash and then pop them in some water with Support Pellets. Check out our video tutorial below! 

Can I use We the Wild on edible plants?

Your fruits and veggies will love the organic, microbial goodness of Grow and Support! Our formulas are taken from cutting edge organic agricultural science, so they can make your edible plants go crazy! With Protect Spray, although Neem Oil has been used in organic gardening for generations, it can't be advertised as suitable for edibles in Australia, so we recommend to do your own research. 

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