Can Fungus Gnats Harm You or Your Houseplants?

Can Fungus Gnats Harm You or Your Houseplants?

Those little buzzing bugs are ‘bothersome’ to say the least. But, are they as harmful as they are annoying? Here’s what you need to know. 

Can Fungus Gnats harm people? 

The only thing they’re harming is your nerves! Fungus Gnats can’t bite and don’t spread diseases. They also don’t have a stinging tail, so put that mind at ease.

Are Fungus Gnats bad for plants? 

You’ll find a fair bit of conflicting info on this. The answer is “it depends”. The larvae of these gnats thrive in the moist topsoil of your houseplants, but in severe infestations, they can lurk deeper and deeper within the root system. If you’ve got a few here and there don’t fret, but if your house is buzzing, it could harm your plants. 

How do they harm plants?

It’s actually the larvae that can be problematic. They grow by eating organic matter, and can often munch on the fine root hairs of your houseplants. Severe infestations can lead to a lack of growth and yellowing leaves. When the infestation is severe, you’ll know, trust us!

How to treat Fungus Gnat infestations. 

It’s good to remember that pests appear when plants are weaker than they should be, so your primary focus should be getting your fertilising, moisture, sun, and airflow right. For immediate treatment tips on a Fungus Gnat infestation, read our 4 Tips to Fight Fungus Gnats

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