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Wild Words
for budding greenthumbs

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    4 Tips to Fight Fungus Gnats

    Not only are the little bugs that fly out of the soil of your pot damn annoying, but the larvae c...
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    4 low light houseplants and how to care for them

    Ok we're going to caveat these tips with the following: no plants (zero, zilch, nada) can live in...
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    Here's how to help bees survive, whether you're in a flat or on a farm.

    I don't know about you, but I always took bees for granted...after all, a stinging insect must b...
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    Why does overwatering harm houseplants?

    Want to know the number one reason why plant beginners struggle with their new green friends? Too...
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    How to Increase Humidity for Your Indoor Plants

    When it comes to houseplants, the right humidity is a game changer. Whilst thick, humid air isn’t...
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    Pet-friendly Plants:What’s Safe for Your Fur Baby?

    If your pet loves to chow down on wholesome leaves, here are some helpful tips to...
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    Prepare your plants for Spring with these 4 easy tips

    If you want those green babes throwing new leaves left, right and centre (duh, who doesn’t), then...
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    WTF is free-draining soil? We use cookie dough to explain.

    If you’re like us, you hear ‘free-draining soil’ thrown around on Facebook groups and written on ...
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    4 things you can do to keep your houseplants happy through winter

    Let’s face it, keeping houseplants happy and healthy at home is difficult at the best of times. B...
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    Why is dust on leaves bad for plants and how can you fix it?

    Plants produce sugars in their leaves that makes them grow fast and stay strong. These sugars are...
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    Why is airflow so important when it comes to plant care?

     PSA, this is the biggest part of plant health that no one ever talks about, but can solve many o...
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    Wondering what the best fertiliser is for you? Here is our definitive guide.

    Why do plants need fertilizer? Once upon a time, the earth was made up of a complex mix of fertil...