Top 4 pet friendly statement houseplants!

Top 4 pet friendly statement houseplants!

So, you want a statement plant? Bright foliage? Whacky shapes? Beautiful flowers? 

If you're looking for a plant that packs a punch, but your curious four legged friend is getting in the way, you're in luck! Try these 4 favourite houseplants that not only look great, but are pet safe!

The indoor tree: Ponytail Palm

The slender bobbed leaves and interesting trunk are enough to make Ariana Grande jealous! They're the perfect option to fill an empty corner. Give them bright light, dry soil and a snug pot. Apart from the odd spritz of Protect Spray, this is the perfect option for neglectful plant parents! 


Living wall decor: Staghorn Ferns

Got a big patch of blank wall right next to your kitty climbing gym? Fill it with a Staghorn! These pet safe plants look out of this world! Make sure that your Staghorn stays moist with diluted Grow Concentrate. 


The perfect floral centrepiece: Orchids

It’s hard to look past the stunning blooms of the Orchid. Did you know that orchids are pet safe?! Bright light, consistent watering and a regular feed with a bioactive fertliiser, like Grow, is exactly what these guys need to steal the show. Check out our guide to growing Orchids for everything you need to know! 


A pop of colour: Calathea

Few plants can boast the vivid foliage of a Calathea; whether it’s the beautiful pink brushstrokes of an Ornata, or the tropical lushness of an Orbifolia. Keep the humidity high, stay away from chemical fertilisers, let your water rest to dechlorinate before a drink and increase the use of Support Pellets all year round! 

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