4 pet-safe houseplants and how to care for them

4 pet-safe houseplants and how to care for them

We're a passionate group of plant AND pet parents here at We the Wild HQ. If you're like us and want the best of both, try these 4 pet friendly plants!

Oh, and did you know that we're the only houseplant deemed safe for pets (under normal conditions) by Animal Toxicologists?

For low-ish light: Boston Fern

This is the purrrr-fect easy-to-care for fern! Pop it on a bright windowsill (watch for curious climbing creatures), keep the humidity high, and watch it thrive! If you're misting the leaves, try adding a squirt of Grow Concentrate to the water. It'll make the leaves greener and well-nourished. 

Boston fern


For bright light: Pilea

Cool leaves AND pet friendly? Yes please! Keep the soil on the dry side, and make sure the leaves can absorb as much sunlight as possible by keeping them dust-free. A fortnightly spritz of Protect Spray will give it a helping hand. 



For forgetful waterers: Rhipsalis

Not only are Rhipsalis' safe for pooches and pussies, but they'll tell you when they're thirsty! Look for slightly shrivelled tendrils, and give them a good drink with diluted Grow Concentrate

For propagation lovers: Spider Plant

A wise man once said, you can never have enough pets, or enough plants! Ok, we just make that up, but seriously, baby Spider Plants are super easy to propagate. Just snip them off, add a tsp of Support Pellets to the soil, and stick in the stumpy little roots. You'll have a house full of plant babies in no time!


spider plant

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