How to grow Orchids

How to grow Orchids

It’s little wonder that orchids are blooming popular! With thousands of varieties and colours, there really is one for everyone. Now, this plant grows naturally in every continent but Antarctica, but the most common originate in the tropics, so this go-to Grow Guide is here to help!


What’s the right position for orchids?

These plants thrive in strong diffused light, so place them in a position where the the light is filtered — close to (but not directly on) a sunny windowsill is perfect! Remember that direct sunlight is too harsh for an orchid’s delicate blooms and the roots tend to dry out too quickly.

How much water do orchids need?

Orchids don’t need much water, but like it consistent. A light watering (even a misting of the soil) once a week can do the job. Remember to check that your pot has good drainage so the water doesn’t sit at the bottom.


What’s the right temperature for orchids?

Most of the common orchids cherish consistency of temperature (remember, many are from the always-warm tropics! Try not to let the temperature drop below 23 degrees. Fresh and warm air is a bit YES, but keep a wide berth from dry artificial heating air.

What’s the best pot for an orchid?

You can leave your orchid in the plastic pot until the pot is filled with its roots. You should only repot orchids occasionally; either once a year or every 18 months. Choose a pot that's a little bigger so it has room for its roots to grow. If you do repot, do it after flowering.

What is the best soil for orchids?

Remember that most orchids attach themselves to other trees, rather than growing in the ground. It means that for lots of varieties, standard potting mix is a no-no. Think a chunky, well aerated mix for your orchid; orchid bark is a great edition. You can mix plenty of Support Pellets through the soil to boost the microbial content and strengthen roots.

What’s the best fertiliser for orchids?

Bioactive fertiliser like Grow Concentrate replicates the biodiversity that makes an Orchid thrive in the rainforest. It can extend the size and duration of flowering. Just add a dash to your water every time you give it a drink. You can spritz the leaves with Protect Spray and dig Support Pellets into the soil to give total care to your orchids.  


Should I trim the flowers of orchids?

Remember that your orchid won't flower all year-round. After the flowers drop from your orchid, cut away the old stems. Removing the stem will direct the plant's energy toward root development, which means your orchid will be healthier and have more chance of developing new bloom spikes.

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