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All-In-One Plant Mum Bundle

All-In-One Plant Mum Bundle

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Our ultimate Mother's Day bundle. This gift includes all of our best sellers so mum can clean, grow and nourish her houseplants with ease and love. 


Proud Plant Mum Kit: Protect Spray with Neem & Pink Leaf Cleaning Glove.
Squirt into water for year-round growth.
Sprinkle into soil for a strong foundation to reduce stress.
Recycled canvas with adjustable strap.
Reusable Potting Mat:
For repotting houseplants.
Compostable Potting Mats (x2)
: For messy plant care days.

On sale for a limited time only!


Proud Plant Mum Kit: includes Protect with Neem and an adorable pink leaf cleaning glove so she can shine her leaves, remove light-blocking dust, and wipe away pests and any other nasties to keep her plants thriving.

Grow: Batch-brewed liquid concentrate to support new shoots, leave and blooms year-round.

Support: Slow release pellets to sprinkle on soil or use when repotting. Improves plant's ability to withstand stress like inconsistent watering, temp changes, and even a little neglect.

Apron: Mum hates a mess! This apron is perfect for keeping her clothes clean, dry and looking fab on her plant care days! With the adjustable strap one size comfortably fits all.

Reusable Potting Mat: Durable and long lasting this mat is the ultimate tool for tidy home gardening. Size is 29.5 X 19.6 inches so there's lots of space to spread out.

Compostable Potting Mats (x2): Sometimes you just want to pack up the mess and toss it. These mat's are perfect for the dirty days!


How to use

Grow Concentrate: Use every time you water by adding ¼ tsp per quart (32 fl oz) of water.

Protect Spray: Shake well and mist your leaves every 2 weeks, or more often if there's an active issue.

Leaf Cleaning Gloves: Use to gently wipe leaves to clean off dust, pests and other nasties. Use every time you use Protect Spray

Support Pellets: Sprinkle onto top soil before every watering, or through soil when repotting.



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Ultimate Plant Mom Savings
  • Simple

    3 products = total plant care for all ornamental plants, all year round.

  • Safe

    Rest easy knowing that our products are organic and won't burn or overdose your plants.

  • Effective

    Formulated by world-leading microbiological experts, trusted by 35,000+ customers across Australia.

  • Pet-friendly

    Deemed safe to use under normal circumstances by the Animal Poisons Centre of Australia.

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