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For The Mum That Blooms

For The Mum That Blooms

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Our top 2 best-selling kits combined for the perfect gift for mum's that love blooms! 

Proud Plant Mum Kit includes Protect with Neem and an adorable pink leaf cleaning glove so she can shine her leaves, remove light-blocking dust, and wipe away pests and any other nasties to keep her plants thriving. 

Orchid Kit includes our specialty formulas of Protect for Orchids and Bloom to support her orchids for bigger, brighter and more frequent blooms! 

This special offer is only available for Mother's Day so don't wait! 


Save When You Bundle

Our top 2 best-selling kits combined for the perfect gift for mum's that love blooms!


How to use

Proud Plant Mum Leaf Care:
Step 1: Shake well and spray the leaves of your plants. Make sure to cover the top and the bottom of the leaf!
Step 2: Wait for a day as the scientifically backed ingredients get to work.
Step 3: See how our microbial solution helps keep your leaves looking luscious all year round.
Step 4: Repeat every other week, or when your plants need some love.

Protect Spray for Orchids:
Step 1: Ensure the Orchid leaves are as dust free as possible.
Step 2: Shake well.
Step 3: Mist the top and underside of the Orchid leaves as well as the stem.

Bloom Concentrate:
Step 1: Shake well.
Step 2: Squirt 1-2mL per litre into the bottom of your watering vessel.
Step 3: Dilute with water until it looks like a weak cup of tea.
Step 4: Water your Orchid or Orchids!



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Save When You Bundle
  • Simple

    3 products = total plant care for all ornamental plants, all year round.

  • Safe

    Rest easy knowing that our products are organic and won't burn or overdose your plants.

  • Effective

    Formulated by world-leading microbiological experts, trusted by 35,000+ customers across Australia.

  • Pet-friendly

    Deemed safe to use under normal circumstances by the Animal Poisons Centre of Australia.

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