The eternal question: am I underwatering or overwatering?

The eternal question: am I underwatering or overwatering?

To water or not to water, that, our plant peeps, is the question! But, how can you tell?! 

Though it can be tricky, there are some key differences to look out for. Read our quick guide below, and scroll down to flick through the picture guide! BTW: Support Pellets are a great way to offset stress from too much or too little moisture!

Browning leaves: If the brown parts are soft, mushy or surrounded by a yellow halo, these are usually signs of overwatering. If they’re crispy and dry, get that plant a drink, STAT! 

Yellowing leaves: Yellow halos usually mean a fungal infection, almost always caused by overwatering. In fact, most yellowing (especially if there’s no brown) is usually a sign of a little too much hydration. 


Limp leaves: Limp leaves can be an indication of either issue, so don’t just assume your plant’s thirsty! If the leaves are limp and curling, you can probably assume the plant needs a drink with Grow Concentrate. Giving her a repot will also help!

Leaf loss: Is your plant dropping leaves left, right and centre? It’s probably time to up the H2O! If the leaves are mostly dropping from the base of the plant, you can bet the culprit is root rot caused by overwatering. Get your hands on our Revive and Thrive Kit, and repot ASAP!

Damaged stems: Stems that are mushy and discoloured have had too much water. If they’re brittle or looking a bit like a prune, time to quench that thirst! 

Soil troubles: Soil that’s tightly packed and pulling away from the inside wall of the pot is definitely a sign of underwatering. If your soil ever smells bad, or isn’t drying out on top, shelve the watering can. 

Pests: Fungus Gnats will only hang around when there’s excess moisture, whilst Spider Mites love to prey on plants that are too thirsty (and dusty!) to fight back. The presence of either of these guys will point you in the right direction. 

So, now you know what to look for! But how do you stop it in the first place? Well, listen to your plants. They’ll usually tell you when they need a drink, either from the leaves or soil. Our Support Pellets will also assist in regulating water intake, so chucking a handful in when repotting or through the topsoil every few months should help keep things in check! 

Happy watering (or not)!

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