How to Care For Your Peace Lily in 5 Simple Steps

How to Care For Your Peace Lily in 5 Simple Steps

Peace Lily Potting

When it comes to caring for your Spathiphyllum (AKA Peace Lily), it’s important to understand how they grow in nature. Think dense Colombian rainforests with dappled light, rich soil and consistent amounts of moisture. Sounds like a place we want to be!

With that in mind, here’s 5 key things to think about when it comes to caring for your Peace Lily.


How much light does a Peace Lily need?

Just like under the canopy of a rainforest, these plants can tolerate lower light and shady patches, so if you have any darker corners, these are the plants to invest in. It should still get at least a few hours of bright, indirect sunlight a day to really flourish though. Check out more low light houseplants here.


How much water does a Peace Lily need?

Peace Lilies prefer being underwatered rather than overwatered, and they tell you when they’re thirsty. This drama queen will start to lower its leaves and generally look pretty sad when it needs a water, but don’t fret! Soak it in a shallow bath of diluted Grow Concentrate to give it it’s hit of hydration.



What's the best fertiliser for a Peace Lily?

Peace Lilies are very sensitive to chemical fertilisers, so they love both Grow Concentrate and Support Pellets all year round. You may notice larger and more frequent flowers, and supercharged growth.


What's the best soil for a Peace Lily?

Sandy soil is a no-no for these tropical babes. You want a rich and loose potting soil with a handful of perlite and a good dose of Support Pellets to improve the microbiology in the soil. Repot every year (going one size up only). If you’re worried about overwatering, plant them in a terracotta or clay pot; it’s dries the soil out faster…perfect for those that can’t help give their Spath too much love!


Why does my Peace Lily have brown leaves?

Often, brown tips and edges can be a sign that the humidity just isn’t quite right. Here are some tips and tricks you can try to increase the humidity around your plant. Remember that leave emit moisture, so you can group your humidity loving babes together to create their own bubble of humidity!


Peace Lily brown leaves

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