4 low light houseplants and how to care for them

4 low light houseplants and how to care for them

Ok we're going to caveat these tips with the following: no plants (zero, zilch, nada) can live in almost complete darkness. We often get asked for the plants that will grow in a windowless bathroom or dingy gamers basement, and even the most shade tolerant plants need sunshine to convert into the energy they need to live. 

BUT if you have a darker corner in need of greenification, THESE are the plants for you. Before we dive in, here's some super quick tips to keep in mind when it comes to caring for plants in low light.

  • Overwatering is the biggest problem. Stick your finger in the soil and make sure it's dry before giving them a drink. Lower light = less water.
  • Dusty leaves can be problematic as it blocks the little light there is. Make sure you're regularly using Protect Spray on these low-light houseplants. 
  • They need to change position in winter, to ensure they still get adequate light. 

 ZZ plant


This plant absolutely thrives on neglect. Go on holidays, come back, and this baby will be just as healthy as the day you left. The ultimate carefree houseplant. You'll notice the stalks start to grow towards the sunshine, so rotate it to avoid the 'windswept' look. 


This is the ultimate air purifying plant, so consider it for that dark office or bedroom. Native to Madagascar, Africa and South Asia, Snake Plants (Sansevieria) are slow growing, so you don't need to repot often. They benefit from a good mist and wipe with Protect Spray. 


Another really easy one to care for. Although it will still grow in low light, the leaves will be smaller and sparser. You can keep it bushy by planting multiple strands in each pot. Water when the soil is dry and the leaves are looking a bit limp. 

 devils ivy


It's easy to regulate the watering regime of a Peace Lilly, because it's a bit of a drama queen. Leaves will start to majorly wilt (so it looks on the brink of death). Revive it by soaking the pot in a shallow bath of water with diluted Grow Concentrate


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