3 of Our Fave Flowering Houseplants And How to Grow Them

3 of Our Fave Flowering Houseplants And How to Grow Them

Did you know that using Grow Concentrate and Support Pellets can increase the frequency and quantity of flowers on your houseplants? Try it out on 3 of our favourites below: 


Peace Lily

Peace Lily  

These guys are pretty resilient to most things you throw at them; neglect, low light, hot temperatures… a dream for novice plant keepers! They'll tell you when they’re thirsty, so your cue to give her a drink (with a dash of Grow Concentrate every time) is when her leaves start to droop. 

Peace Lilies love humidity, so regular mistings, positioning them away from draughts and keeping them out of the cold will do well by these tropical beauties. 

If you want the best blooms, though, you’ll need to let her soak up a few hours of bright, indirect light each day to really flourish. 

Read more helpful tips on how to grow and care for Peace Lilies here.

Guzmania Bromeliads

A floral favourite for beginners, this vibrant showstopper demands very little attention to create maximum impact with its striking blooms. A not-to-distant relative of the pineapple, these fashionistas also hail from the tropics, so they need lots of bright indirect light and humidity to thrive.


They are a bit on the sensitive side, so be sure to only water when their soil has dried out and definitely don’t overfeed them; they’re particularly sensitive to harsh fertilisers, so our products are the perfect plant care for them! Just top up the soil with Support Pellets and add Grow Concentrate everytime you water.


African violet

African Violet

Exotic, graceful and bursting with colour, African Violets are another low maintenance bloom that flaunt floral displays throughout the year - with very minimal effort from you. 

They love warmth, humidity and filtered sunlight. Keep them in a well-lit window and these little guys will flower constantly. You’ll want to make sure to cut away dead flowers and leaves as soon as you spot them, and you should periodically check the soil and remove any dead foliage there, too. 

Keep the soil moist, but not wet. Usually waiting every 7-10 days between watering during the warmer months will do the trick. Try to avoid getting water on the leaves, and move it out of corners to increase air circulation...it'll help prevent mould.


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