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Revive & Thrive Kit

Revive & Thrive Kit

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Here's everything you need to feed & strengthen your plants, whatever the season! Slow-release Support Pellets build strong, resilient roots, while our fast-acting Grow Concentrate brings you lush new leaves! 

Large: Grow Concentrate 750ml, Support Pellets 1.25KG, Bamboo Scoop, Empty Dose Bottle



The beneficial fungi and biodiverse slow release nutrients in our Support Pellets build your plant’s health and resilience, while the growth-powering microbes and fast-acting nutrients in our Grow Concentrate trigger new leaves and healthier plants!


How to use

1. Add Grow Concentrate to your water every time you water
2. Sprinkle Support Pellets on your soil, mix through soil when repotting or add to your soilless medium
3. Use all year round, on all your plants


Is it safe for pets?

Our products have been independently tested and verified by the Animal Poisons Centre to be safe for pets, however you should store packages out of pets reach. 

How long will it last?

This last 40+ plants 2-3 months, and can be used throughout the whole year. 

How should I store it?

Store it upright, under 30 degrees, and out of direct sunlight. 

What plants can I use it on?

Grow is safe for all plants, and is specially formulated for plants in pots, however you can use it on outdoor plants if desired. 


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Real reviews from people like you

  • Simple

    3 products = total plant care for all ornamental plants, all year round.

  • Safe

    Rest easy knowing that our products are organic and won't burn or overdose your plants.

  • Effective

    Formulated by world-leading microbiological experts, trusted by 35,000+ customers across Australia.

  • Pet-friendly

    Deemed safe to use under normal circumstances by the Animal Poisons Centre of Australia.

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