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Protect Spray with Neem

Protect Spray with Neem

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Discover the secret to lush, shiny, and well-protected leaves, without the dangerous, smelly chemicals. Simply spray this pet-safe formulation on the top and bottom of your leaves, and notice an instant transformation. Each bottle combines powerful Australian essential oils with highly active Neem Oil to provide broad-spectrum dust protection & remedy. The best bit? It's packed full of the enzymes needed to protect leaves from the environmental stressors that make leaves struggle. 

Best Value: 2.5L (save $10 + Free Shipping)



Targets leaves at both a cellular, and topical level, to get better results. Highly effective Lemon Myrtle, Neem Oil and a few secret ingredients are scientifically formulated to give your leaves a plant powering kick! Plus, the fine mist of our bottle ensures even coverage and less waste.

1.25L comes in a liquid pouch ready to refill any spray bottle. 250ml comes in ready to use spray bottle.


How to use

Use in the morning or afternoon, avoiding direct sunlight.
For prevention:
1. Shake the bottle well. If using liquid pouch, shake and decant into spray bottle.
2. Gently mist the top and underside of leaves in a ventilated area.
3. To remove dust, wipe leaves with our Leaf Cleaning Gloves.
4. Repeat fortnightly

For when leaves are struggling:
1. Repeat steps above, but cover the plant’s stem and top soil.
2. Repeat every 2-4 days.


What plants can I use it on?

Use Protect on all your non-furry leaved houseplants, potted herbs, and ornamental plants. We recommend spot checking the spray on a small leaf if you have any concerns, and always use as per directions.

Can I use Protect Spray all year?

You can use this spray in Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. However, please avoid using if your plant is in heat stress, or in direct sunlight.

How should I store it?

Store it upright under 80 degrees and out of direct sunlight. Do not let it freeze. Keep it out of reach of children and pets.

Can humans consume Protect Spray?

Protect Spray is great for plants, but not for people! Do not ingest, inhale or consume.

You can use this spray in Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. However, please avoid using if your plant is in heat stress, or in direct sunlight.


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  • Simple

    3 products = total plant care for all ornamental plants, all year round.

  • Safe

    Rest easy knowing that our products are organic and won't burn or overdose your plants.

  • Effective

    Formulated by world-leading microbiological experts, trusted by 35,000+ customers across Australia.

  • Pet-friendly

    Deemed safe to use under normal circumstances by the Animal Poisons Centre of Australia.

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing as always


Love these products. My indoor plants are healthy and thriving like never before


I bought it for my roses which have thrip on them and I think it is working leaves look a lot healthier and have purchased another bottle.The fact that it is natural helped me decide to buy it


All Aussie all natural company!!


I love this product. I still have a little left so l ordered another so l wouldn't run out. My plants also love it and look wonderful.