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Welcome to We the Wild Plant Care!

Hey there! Give your customers the a different gift this Christmas with our range of plant care kits, designed to make it easier to keep houseplants flourishing. Learn about us below!

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Our NewsXpress Starter Pack:

Mini Plant Care Kit

3 mini essentials to keep 1-2 plants thriving. The perfect upsell.

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Essential Plant Care Kit

The 3 essentials to keep 12-20 plants thriving. A great no-reason gift.

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Christmas Kit

The Essential Kit, redesigned to make a beautiful gift.

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Our individual range:

Protect Spray

A pleasant smelling spray for leaf health, pests and shine.

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Grow Concentrate

A low odour plant food and tonic safe for all plants.

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Support Pellets

An odour-free root builder and slow release plant food.

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