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Valentine's Day


Welcome to We the Wild Plant Care!

Hey there! When your customers see their plants thrive, they keep coming back for more. We're going to be driving customers to your store through Interflora, so that they can keep their houseplants flourishing. Learn about us below!

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Our gift range

Mini Plant Care Kit

3 mini essentials to keep 1-2 plants thriving. The perfect upsell.

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Essential Plant Care Kit

The 3 essentials to keep 12-20 plants thriving. A great no-reason gift.

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Love, Your Plants Kit

The Essential Kit, redesigned to make a beautiful gift.

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Our individual range:

Protect Spray

A pleasant smelling spray for leaf health, pests and shine.

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Grow Concentrate

A low odour plant food and tonic safe for all plants.

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Support Pellets

An odour-free root builder and slow release plant food.

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