How to use Support

Use Support every 2 months, or everytime you repot. Watch our instructional video and scroll down to read our FAQs.

Frequently asked questions:

How many pellets should I use?

While you can’t overdose or burn your plants with Support, a light scatter on top of the soil is enough to get results. In most cases, 1-2tbsp is sufficient, however for especially small or large pots, you can scale accordingly.

Can I use Support with other plant fertiliser?

We recommend using Support with our Grow concentrate. It can also work with other liquid fertilisers.

Can I use Support Pellets for hydroponic and semi hydroponic growing?

Support is incredible for water based growing! Add 1 tbsp per litre of water and refresh monthly. For semi hydro system, add the pellets to your leca, perlite or other growth medium.

Can I use the pellets for propagating?

Absolutely! Follow the instructions for hydro- you’ll love the results.

Is it safe for pets?

We are one of the only fertiliser for houseplants that are independently tested by veterinary toxicologists, who have deemed our products safe for pets under normal circumstances. We still recommend keeping the products out of reach of curious creatures!

Are my pellets growing mould?

The secret to our pellets is mycorrhizal fungi. This incredible fungi works with the root system to improve nutrient uptake, balance moisture and remove salt and toxins from your soil. If you see white dots growing on your pellets, you’re even luckier! It means your pellets are already active and ready to give your plants what they need.

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