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Why We the Wild?

How it works

Step One

Use the Grow Concentrate every two weeks for fast growth and strong roots.

Step Two

Add the Support Pellets to your pot every 2 months to enrich soil and provide your plants with daily support.

Step Three

Spray our Protect formula when plants need some extra love, or prevent a multitude of problems by spraying fortnightly.

Step Four

Watch plants thrive from the essential nutrients, enzymes and microbes that they crave.

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Tips to keep your Fiddle Leaf Fig thriving

Use Grow every second time you water your plant. Think of it as a ‘green juice’ for your plant. It provides fast acting, fast absorption nutrients that can be absorbed as quickly as 24 hours. That means it’s safe to use fortnightly if needed!
Absolutely! All our products are designed to work well by themselves, but even better together!
The beneficial bacteria in the bottle need two things to survive; oxygen and carbohydrate. The white dot is a waterproof vent that allows oxygen into the bottle to keep the bacteria active!
It should have a fairly low odour that disappears with water. Because we small batch brew our products, you may notice small variances. However there should not be a strong odour. If there is, leave the product upright for a few days.
While the formula is specially formulated for plants in pots, it can still be used on outdoor plants.