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How to grow a Fiddle Leaf Fig

Step One

Add Grow Concentrate everytime you water to bring essential nutrients and beneficial microbes to the soil.

Step Two

Add Support Pellets to the soil every month, to build strong and resilient roots.

Step Three

Spray the leaves every fortnight to keep them dust free and protected from the environmental stressed that make then struggle.

Step Four

Keep your Fiddle Leaf Fig in a bright spot with indirect sunlight, and water when the soil is dry.

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Fiddle Leaf Fig care tips

Wait until the soil is dry to touch, and then water well with diluted Grow Concentrate.
Too much, or too little water can make leaves drop. Reduce your plants’ stress by using Support Pellets every month.
Spray them with Protect Spray to keep them fit as a fiddle! It also shines and protects from dust.
Keep them in a snug pot and upsize every couple of years.