Why do houseplants grow more in spring?

Why do houseplants grow more in spring?

As we say bye-bye to the winter chill and a warm HELLO to spring, you might start to see your plants speed up growth. But why is it that our green fronds grow more in spring, than other seasons? 

Houseplants like a couch day too!

We're sure you've felt pretty lazy on a chilly winter day. A lack of vitamin D, cool weather and rain make it the perfect day for some Netflix and chill. It's kinda the same for your houseplants! In plants, "photoperiodism" is almost like a state of hibernation where plants conserve energy. Once there's more sunlight, the internal clock within plants senses that increasing light, and starts growing more!

Temperature Sensitivity: Unlocking the Growth Equation

Most of your houseplants prefer the warmth, so spring's balmy temperatures can give the nod for your houseplants to start growing again. The sun can warm the soil and roots become more active. Remember thought that abrupt temperature changes, can sometimes stress plants, so try not to shock your plants by constantly shifting them between cool and hot. 

Your houseplants are rootin' and shootin'

As new leaves and shoots start to peak in spring, roots need to expand so that they can deliver the right amount of goodness to sustain this growth. That's why it's important to use both Grow Concentrate AND Support Pellets; they keep this harmonious balance going all year round!


How have you noticed your houseplants respond to changing seasons? 

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