Which houseplants are right for your style?

Which houseplants are right for your style?

Want to create the perfect interior vibe, but wondering what plants to look for? 

Check out our 4 interior looks, with the perfect plants to compliment them! 


If you want that boho/western chic look, you'll want to top it off with some desert (looking) plants! Most cacti won't be too happy inside, as they don't get enough sun. Replicate the look with these indoor-friendly options.

The Dragon Tree and Milk Tree will still need as much bright, indirect light as you can give them, but your ZZ will be just fine in a dimmer spot. Water all of these babes sparingly and only when the soil's dried out.

Here it's all about freshness, clean lines and negative space! With a Scandi space, we want organic leaf shapes and pops of variegation to make a big statement against a minimal background.

Bright, indirect light is the ticket for all of these luscious plants! Your Calathea will appreciate consistently moist (but not soggy!!) soil. A Fiddle prefers to dry out a bit more and the Peperomia Scandens loves a complete dry out before another drink. 


Industrial interiors will usually feel a bit colder and less cosy than most other styles, so you'll want to breathe life into them with BIG leaves, lots of texture and general jungle vibes. 
Bright indirect light is best for all these guys, but the Rhipsalis can also cope with medium. Be weary of overwatering your Alocasias - give her a drink when you notice her stems starting to droop. Water the BOP when the top few inches of soil are dry and the Rhipsalis when it's mostly dry, or when strands start to pucker. 


If you're looking for that character-filled, well-travelled feel of an eclectically curated space, you'll want some interesting leaves to go with it! We're thinking plants that give a bit of a 70s throwback, and a Philo Brasil to top it off with a pop of colour!
You know the drill - bright indirect light, baby! Always keep your ferns moist, but not waterlogged. With your Brasil and Umbrella tree, underwater rather than overwater - they're pretty tolerant to drying out and will tell you if they're thirsty with limp leaves!
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