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Worm Castings: Organic Plant Food

What's the story with worm castings? Also known as castings, vermicast, vermicompost, worm humus, it can be tricky to keep all the planty knowledge straight! Keep reading for answers to castings' most asked questions.

What are worm castings?

Worm castings are the product of organic waste that is processed through earthworms - that's right, worm poop! This magical microbial medium is nature's gift to our indoor plants 🪴

What are the benefits of worm castings?

Think of worm castings as a probiotic for your plant! This soil amendment is rich in nutrients and minerals that help your plants thrive out in nature. Picture a plant growing in the forest - the soil is rich with fallen leaves, fungi, and animal droppings - worm castings help mimic this biodiversity right in your plant's pot.

Other benefits of worm castings include water retention, which helps plants stay hydrated. Castings can also detox your soil from any harmful salt buildups and help prevent against disease and pests - creating a healthier indoor plant starting at the soil.

Worm castings vs. compost

Although worm castings and compost can provide very similar benefits to your plants, organic matter processed through worms will be rich in bacteria and enzymes that aren't found in compost. These additions create a biodiverse environment for your plant to thrive.

How to use worm castings/how much should I use?

Worm castings are a great addition to any soil mixture. When repotting plants, a ratio of 1 part worm castings to 4 parts soil is a great place to start. If your plant is already in a pot it loves, grab a product like Support and scatter pellets on top of your soil and loosely dig in before watering. (We recommend 1 tbsp for small plants and 2tbsp for large plants).

With chemical fertilizers, you have to be careful around dosage to avoid shocking or burning your plant's roots. Luckily for plant parents everywhere, worm castings are not harmful to your plants if you use too much of them, so measure with your heart.

Are worm castings safe for pets?

Yes! Worm castings are non-toxic for both pets and humans 💚 Of course, we always recommend keeping any planty goodies away from curious furry friends."

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