3 Things To Do For Your Plants as Autumn Arrives

3 Things To Do For Your Plants as Autumn Arrives

Autumn is here, and it's time to give your houseplants the TLC they need to thrive during the cooler months. Here are our top three essential plant care tips to keep your leafy friends happy and healthy through autumn and beyond. 

1. Keep Plants Away from Draughts and Heaters

Houseplants aren't a fan of drastic temperature changes! As we're upping the temps in our homes it's important to make sure your houseplants aren't catching wind of the cozy blast from heaters or getting a sneaky draught from a chilly window. Also, consider adding Support Pellets to your soil to help protect against the abiotic stressors of the changing seasons. 

2. Clean Your Leaves (and Watch for Pests)

Shorter days mean less light! Give your houseplant leaves a good clean with Protect Spray to remove dust to allow more light to be absorbed by your plant's leaves. Using a tool like our Leaf Cleaning Gloves makes this routine a breeze! Keep an eye out for pests during this time, as we bring our plants indoors for the season these buggers love to cause trouble for your whole collection. 

3.  Cut Back on Watering and Chemical Fertilizers 

In the cooler months it's standard to cut down on your watering frequency and use of chemical/synthetic fertilizers on your houseplants. Try introducing a microbial plant food such as Grow will allow you to feed your plants year round, without the fear of burn or overdose.

With a little bit of love you can keep your leafy babes flourishing through autumn and beyond!

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