The Spring Houseplant Guide for Victoria

The Spring Houseplant Guide for Victoria

Spring can be a glorious time of year in Victoria, but it can also be a little unpredictable. Right now, the mornings are crisp, the days are getting longer, and most of the time the clouds clear up revealing vibrant blue skies. But during spring, temperatures can fluctuate dramatically (as Melbournites know). It makes growing and caring for your housebound green babes tricky, even for the most experienced plant parent.

So, to help, we’ve put together a handy growing guide that tells you everything you need to know about keeping your houseplants healthy during the spring season in Victoria.

Keep hanging pots well watered, and watch out for wind! 

Hanging plants

Spring is usually the windiest time of year in Victoria. Wind makes moisture evaporate much faster, making your plants thirstier. Hanging pots especially are more prone to drying out. Keep a check on watering to make sure your plants don't get thirsty — feel the soil, if it’s dry, they need a hit of H2O — and protect the leaves with Protect Spray. The organic spray adds shine to your foliage whilst protecting from cold draughts.

Make sure the changing temperature doesn’t shock your plants

Houseplants that thrive in subtropical regions can be delicate creatures in a Victorian spring. A good way to help them thrive it to let them adapt to changes in their environment slowly. We’ve all been guilty of putting our plants outside or by the window when the weather starts to warm, but all it takes is a snap cold front and they can go into shock very quickly. Keep an eye on the weather, and make sure the temperatures are mild enough for them to cope with.

Protect your tropical plants

Most tropical houseplants originate from humid rainforests, so spring in Victoria isn’t their most favoured growing environment. The average home usually has around 20% humidity, and most houseplants thrive in 40-60%. Here’s few tricks you can try to give your green babes a moisture surge:

- Give your plants a weekly mist

- Group your plants together

- Use a pebble tray

- Place your plants in the bathroom

- Invest in a humidifier

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Try propagating

Keen to expand your collection? Spring is a great time to propagate! If you’re just getting started, choose an easy-to-grow, low maintenance plant like a Snake or Spider Plant. All you need to do is to take a Sansevieria leaf (Snake Plant) or Spiderette (Spider Plant baby), put it in water with 1-2tbsp of Support Pellets. Once the leaf develops roots, you can transfer it to a new pot using well-draining soil mixed with Support Pellets. Devil’s Ivy and Jade Plants are also easy ones to try.

Up your feeding game

Plants get hungrier the more active they are. By upping your feeding regime, you’re going to get new leaves and buds faster.  Use Support in your soil every 6 weeks, and Grow Concentrate, 3 out of 4 times you water throughout the season.


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