Spring Houseplant Guide for Tasmania

Spring Houseplant Guide for Tasmania

Winter is out, spring is in! It's time to get excited! While spring days in Tassie are somewhat milder than winter, Tasmania’s cool climate allows for frosty mornings in spring and a LOT of rainfall. In fact, spring is the wettest time of year. So whilst it might be tempting to move your plants outdoors as soon as you see the sunshine, there’s some tips to think about.  

To help, we’ve put together a handy growing guide that tells you everything you need to know about keeping your houseplants in perfect condition during the spring season if you live in Tasmania.

Hydrate your hanging pots, and watch out for wind! 

watering hanging pot

Your small, mountainous island with exposed coastal sites and elevated terrain, is home to some of the windiest places in the country! Gushing winds, heavy rainfall and passing cold fronts aren’t the greatest environment for tropical dwelling houseplants!

Wind makes hanging pots dry out in particular, so make sure you check these with your finger and water regularly. Did you know that our Protect Spray is also a great tool to combat cold draughts and stress from temperature changes?

Don’t let the cold temperatures shock your plants

Most houseplants are subtropical, so they can be a big precious in Tasmania! Sudden changes to their environment can cause them to drop leaves, wilt, and develop root rot. While it’s tempting to plonk your plant babes out into the beautiful spring sunshine, all it takes is a snap cold front and they can go into shock very quickly. Keep an eye on the weather, and make sure the temperatures are mild enough for them to cope with.

Give your plants a taste of the tropics

Most tropical houseplants originate from humid rainforests, so they need moisture in the air to keep them lush and healthy. But cooler temperatures, like those in Tasmania, mean less moisture, so the air is much drier.

Luckily, we have a few tricks you can try to give your a plants a humidity boost when they need it most:

- Give your plants a weekly mist

- Group your plants together

- Use a pebble tray

- Place your plants in the bathroom

- Invest in a humidifier

Read more here: https://wethewild.co/blogs/plant-advice/how-to-increase-humidity-for-your-indoor-plants


Feed your foliage

Plants get hungrier the more active they are. The increased humidity and warmth of spring means they’re ready to grow, and that means they’ll get hungrier and crave more food. You can increase your use of Support Pellets to every 4-6 weeks, and use Grow 3 out of 4 times you water all the way up until Winter!


Give your leaves a little extra love

Plants always appreciate a good spring clean. Cleaning regularly will keep your plants healthy, disease-free and minus pesky pests. Just use a damp cloth to wipe the leaves clean and give them an extra hit of hydration. This extra moisture helps your plant to purify the air in your house, as well as adding shine to the leaves.

Spring is also a good time to treat your indoor plants to a good pest and disease treatment, to stop any unwanted bugs from setting up camp in your soil.

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