Spring Houseplant Guide for South Australia

Spring Houseplant Guide for South Australia

Spring has finally sprung! Blue skies and warmer days are round the corner. But before we burst open a bottle of Chardy in celebration, cooler days are still on the horizon. The SA climate can be somewhat unpredictable in spring — temperatures can fluctuate dramatically from cool, hot, calm, to windy on any given day — and it’s dry too (SA is the driest state in Australia) which means there’s less humidity for your prized plants to flourish.

But on the whole, SA’s balmy Mediterranean climate is a joy to grow statement shrubs of all varieties. You might just need a few tricks up your sleeve when it comes to caring for them in spring.

So, to help, we’ve put together a handy growing guide that tells you everything you need to know about keeping your houseplants happy and in great health during the spring season. And if you’re looking to add to your collection, this guide has got you covered.

Freshen up your foliage

Give your leaves a good spring clean to keep your plants healthy, disease-free and free of pesky pests. Wipe the leaves with a damp cloth for an extra moisture hit. Towards the end of September, pests can start to show, so it’s a good time to treat your indoor plants to a good pest and disease treatment in the soil. Some customers tell us that they spray Neem based solutions to fight pests both in the soil and on the leaves.

wiping leaves


Hit up your hanging pots with H20, and watch out for strong wind!

Because of SA’s fluctuating weather, some days can be windier than others. Wind makes moisture evaporate much faster, making your plants crave more H20. Hanging pots are particularly prone to drying out – so watch them and water regularly. Did you know that Protect Spray is a great way to reduce wind burn and shock from cold draughts?  

Don’t let yo-yo temperatures shock your plants

Houseplants can be sensitive souls. Any sudden changes can upset their balance and cause them to drop leaves, wilt, and develop root rot. It can be tempting to chuck plants outside or by the window as soon as spring rears its head. But all it takes is a snap cold front to leave them reeling. Watch the weather, and make sure the temperatures are mild enough for your plant babies to thrive. 

Up the humidity

Most tropical houseplants we’ve come to know and love originate from humid rainforests, so they need high levels of moisture in the air to keep them looking lush and healthy. But cooler temperatures mean less moisture, so the air is much drier. 

While the spring weather is notably warmer than the frosty winter temps, it doesn’t quite hit the humidity mark that most tropical plants need to prevent their leaves drying out.

Here’s a few tricks you can try to give your green babes a hit of moisture when they need it most:

- Give your plants a weekly mist

- Group your plants together

- Use a pebble tray

- Place your plants in the bathroom

- Invest in a humidifier

Read more here: https://wethewild.co/blogs/plant-advice/how-to-increase-humidity-for-your-indoor-plants

Propagate your plants

Now that you’re a fully fledged plantling, you’ll naturally want to add to your collection. Spring in SA is the perfect time to try the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to build your plant collection. If you’re new to the propagating game, choose an easy-to-grow, low maintenance plant like a Devil’s Ivy. Once the leaf develops roots, you can transfer it to a new pot using well-draining soil and Support Pellets. Devil’s Ivy and Jade Plants are also fairly fool-proof.

Up your feeding routine

Flourishing flowers, boosted buds and lovely leaves are the aim of the game in spring. To make the most of the season, add plenty of Support Pellets to the soil every 6 weeks, and use Grow 3 out of 4 times you water.

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