Spring houseplant guide for Queensland

Spring houseplant guide for Queensland

Queenslanders are lucky ducks; with warm winters and beautiful sunshine, the tropical houseplants we’ve all come to know and love thrive in the state. But now, it’s time to spring into SPRING (sorry, couldn’t resist). We’re put this quick guide together, to tell you exactly how to kickstart your houseplants into the growing season if you’re in the Sunshine State.

First things first, get repotting!

Warmer temps mean happier roots, so now’s the perfect time to upsize your pots! When plants have more room for their roots to spread, they grow taller, larger and stronger. Who doesn’t want that?! It’s best to add Support Pellets into your soil, and stick to the next size up so that your roots can regulate moisture uptake properly. 

Find the perfect spot for your plants.

More sun = harsher UV. For some of your tropical plants (we’re looking at you Alocasia), be careful of moving the plant straight into direct or harsh sun. Find a nice, bright spot that doesn’t get lots of direct rays through the window. You can spot signs of sunburn by looking out for white/pale brown marks across your leaves.

Up your feeding regime

Plants get hungrier the more active they are. The increased humidity and warmth of Spring means they’re ready to grow, grow, grow! So you can use our Grow Concentrate 3 out of 4 times you water throughout Spring.

Be careful of new leaves

The fresh, new leaves that start to shoot are more fragile than their older brothers and sisters. Make sure they’re protected from direct sun, and don’t use harsh chemicals. Something more gentle like the Protect Spray is perfect.

Get propagating

The warmer Queensland weather will make you want to triple your plant collection! Do it on the cheap by growing some fast rooting favourites in water! Trailing plants like Pothos, Monstera and Philodendrons go well in Queensland and are easy to propagate! Just snip below a growth node, keep 2-3 leaves at the top, and stick in water with 1 tbsp of Support Pellets. Once rooted, plant in soil and watch it thrive!



Welcome some newbies into the plant fam

Spring is the PERFECT time to experiment with some more challenging or interesting plants. Here’s a few options that work well in Queensland:

1. Replicate the diversity of the rainforest by mounting a Staghorn to a wall that gets dappled light. Keep moist and feed with Grow Concentrate.

  1. A Queensland spring is the perfect time to grow some basil on your window sill! It can grow in a small pot in bright light. Just feed it with Grow Concentrate once a fortnight and snip off the tender tips to add to your meals. Bellissimo!

  2. It’s easier to grow variegated beauties with the increased light in Spring, so why not try a Snow Queen? Let it dry out a bit between watering, and make sure its a bright spot that gets around 8 hours of indirect sunlight a day.

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