Signs That Your Houseplants Need More Light

Signs That Your Houseplants Need More Light

Hey, plant parents! Did you know that lack of light is a key reason plants struggle? Want to know the tell-tale signs that you plants need more light? We've got them! Read on to understand the signs that your leafy buddies might be craving more sunshine, and learn how to fix it!
  1. Yellowing or Drooping Leaves:
Yellowing or drooping leaves often signal a lack of light. Often, it can also be a combo of too much water. If your leaves are yellowing and drooping, only water when dry and move the plant to a brighter position.
  1. Leggy Growth:
You might notice lots of stem and not enough leaves. If your plant looks like Jack's beanstalk, it means it's stretching to reach the light - not ideal! You can trim it back, use Grow Concentrate, and move it to a sunnier spot. 
  1. Reduced Flowering:
Plants need sunshine to optimise their flowering. If you haven't had any blooms this spring, light could be the issue!
  1. Leaning Toward the Light:
Plants lean to catch rays – so if your plant is a little lopsides, it might be time to put it in a brighter spot!
  1. Slow Growth:

Light-starved plants grow slowly. Give them more light, and they'll perk up in no time. Spring is the perfect time to make the change! 


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How to Fix Light Issues With Houseplants: 

  1. Reposition Your Plants: Move them closer to a window for indirect light.
  2. Rotate Your Plants: Give them a spin to even out light exposure.
  3. Artificial Light: Consider grow lights for a light boost.
  4. Prune and Trim: Trim leggy stems and dead leaves to redirect energy.
  5. Choose Low-Light Plants: Opt for shade-tolerant varieties.
Your houseplants need light, just like you need coffee in the morning. By adjusting their light exposure, you'll have lush, happy plants in no time! 🌱✨
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