Quick fixes to the most common houseplant problems

Quick fixes to the most common houseplant problems

You might think it’s all sunshine and daisies at We The Wild HQ, but we assure you we’ve sent our fair share of plants to the botanic garden in the sky (RIP 😢). On the bright side, it’s made us better plant parents and it means we can share what we’ve learnt along the way! 

Over watering 

The key takeaway here is less is more! It’s much easier to save a thirsty houseplant than a drowning one, so if in doubt, hold off until your plant shows you it needs a drink. 

Top tips for over waterers: 

  • Switch to hydro growing:  
  • Repot in terracotta pots: clay pots will draw moisture away from the soil, making more frequent watering required. 
  • Well draining soil: Overwatering often occurs because the soil isn’t able to drain properly. Adding perlite, charcoal and chunkier pieces will help. 


Best plants for over waterers: Peace Lily, Pothos, Polka Dot plants, Fittonia, Crotons.


Under watering

We get it; life gets busy, plants get neglected. We’ve all been there. The best advice we can give here is to get plants that suit your lifestyle!

Top tips for under waterers: 

  • Hydro growing: Again, no need to water. Just remember to replenish! 
  • Increase humidity: This will slow down the soil drying out. 
  • Repot: Plants get thirsty super fast if they’re root bound - make sure they’re in a suitable pot. 

Best plants for under waterers: ZZ plant, snake plant, cast iron plant, Hoya, succulents & Cacti are all very forgiving, so great for busy bees and forgetful plant parents. 


Our home's aren't the tropical rainforests that most of our plant babes love. Try choosing plants that have thicker, more succulent the leaves. It means that they are better at handling dryness. Think Jade Plant, String of Pearls, Aloe and Snake Plant.

Top tips for increasing humidity: 

Our go-to tips are grouping plants, using a pebble tray or investing in a humidifier, but you can check out the full list here!


Does your heart say "more plants", but but your dark house says no? Here's your answer!

Best low light plants: Peace Lily, Heart-leaf Philodendron, Snake Plants, ZZ plants, Devil’s Ivy, Spider Plants. 

Top tips for increasing light: 

  • Grow lights: We’ve had great success with relatively inexpensive lights - they just need that little boost! 
  • Mirrors: Large mirrors positioned well can reflect more light around a room. 
  • Light surfaces: Light coloured walls, ceilings, floors and furniture will better reflect light. 

Still curious about lighting? Get the down low here.


Urgh, the worst. Pests are drawn to plants that are weak, so your best bet is to strengthen them using bioactive products.

Top tips for preventing houseplant pests: 

  • Clean your plants: regularly cleaning your plants with Protect Spray will keep them healthier.
  • Isolate plants: Keep new plants isolated for a couple of weeks before they mingle with your existing collection.
  • Vigilance: If your plant is showing signs of stress or damage, isolate it until you can identify what the problem is. 

Best pest resistant plants: Dracaena, Snake Plants, Chinese Evergreen, Bromeliad, Cast Iron Plant. 


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