Staghorn fern mount DIY

Plant DIY: Staghorn Fern Mount

Do you ever look at your houseplants and think, "Man, I wish these guys could just climb the walls!" Well, with staghorn ferns, your jungle dreams can become a reality (sort of). These architectural beauties are epiphytes, meaning they naturally grow on things like trees and rocks in the wild. But fear not, fellow urban dwellers, you don't need a rainforest canopy to give them a happy home.

That's right, staghorn ferns can THRIVE mounted on a piece of wood, adding a touch of vertical whimsy to your indoor oasis. Here's how to turn your living room into a fern penthouse:

Check out this DIY Staghorn Fern Mount over on Instagram! 

What You'll Need:

  • A staghorn fern (obviously)
  • A sturdy wooden board (driftwood is extra cool!)
  • Sphagnum moss (like a fern's personal sponge)
  • Fishing line or wire (invisible support for the win)
  • Nails (and a hammer, duh)
  1. Unpot your fern. Gently remove your staghorn fern from its pot and loosen up some of the potting mix around the roots. You don't need to completely remove the soil, but get rid of the bulk of it.
  2. Soak your moss. Sphagnum moss is your staghorn fern's best friend. Soak it in water until it's nice and plump, then gently pack it around the base of your fern. This will help retain moisture and keep those roots happy.
  3. Place and secure your fern. Now comes the fun part! Position your fern on the wood. Using your fishing line or wire, start wrapping it around the board and the moss ball, securing it tightly. Think of yourself as a fern mummy – you want everything nice and snug. You can use nails to wrap the fishing line if your board is smooth and flat.
  4. Hang Ten (or Fifteen) Find the perfect spot for your mounted masterpiece. Staghorn ferns love bright, indirect light! Hang it up with pride and admire your handiwork!


Bonus Tip: Give your mounted staghorn fern a good soak once a week, letting the water soak through the moss and roots.

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