Natural Christmas Decorations You Can Easily Make Yourself

Natural Christmas Decorations You Can Easily Make Yourself

Can’t find any decorations you like this Christmas? Make a statement by crafting your own instead. There are so many ingenious ways to use fresh foliage and fruits in your festive décor. 

Here are just a few of them to get your creative juices flowing… 

Cranberry Candles 

For an instant pop of holiday cheer, scatter cranberries into a glass vase with some sprigs of festive foliage. 

Gum Leaf Wreath 

Create your own festive garland using gum leaf branches. You can use other native greenery or edible herbs like rosemary or sage. They’ll add a fragrant aroma that’s perfect for Christmas. 


Rosemary Christmas Trees 

The perfect alternative to a real Christmas tree, particularly if you’re short on space. A rosemary tree can be dressed up for your holiday décor, or go for the natural look — it’s fragrant and festive enough to look like a decoration on its own. Display on your windowsill, a table centrepiece, or you could even give as a gift. It’s really easy to take care of, and the best bit — you can snip off a sprig to throw into your Christmas spread! 

Just Greenery 

A scattering of greenery makes the perfect addition to Christmas décor. Choose any sprigs of foliage that you love — eucalyptus, Australian natives, ferns, herb, or you can go traditional with pines, firs or mistletoe.

Evergreen Branches 

If you don't have the space for a full-size Christmas tree, just display a few sprigs of evergreens instead. They still have that gorgeous festive scent, but minus the maintenance. You can even decorate with a few small ornaments for added effect.

Dried Fruit 

This age-old tradition never gets old! Dried fruit can be used in garlands, wreaths, cards, tree decorations, table centrepieces, and so much more. Their fragrant aroma will also fill your home with a wonderful Christmassy scent. You can easily dry oranges and apples in your oven. For a simple decoration, just string dried fruit with pinches or other forged items in a window or on a Christmas tree. 

Simple Branches 

For a whimsical woodland theme, display few spiny branches in a vase. Add some twinkly fairy lights for an extra festive touch.  

Pine Cones 

Pine cones are oh-so-versatile — throw them in a bowl, add them to a centrepiece, tie them together to make a wreath. Go eu naturel, or spray with white paint for a chic wintry look.

Pine cone decorations in a tin

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