Inside the Mind of Our Founder: A Q&A Session

Inside the Mind of Our Founder: A Q&A Session

Q: Why did you start We The Wild?

A: Growing up on a farm in Australia, I thought I had plants all figured out. That's until I moved to a studio apartment in Central London, and killed every potted plant that I tried to grow. The more I looked into it, the more I saw my friends and family having the same problem, without any idea why. It was one day when I was caring for my plants, I stopped to examine the ingredients of a product I was using, and was shocked to discover that it was 100% petroleum oil... yuck! I set about consulting global experts in organic agriculture to develop a solution that makes it easier for plants to grow and is better for plants, people, and the planet.

Q: When did you launch?

A: Fun fact! We launched We the Wild in 2019 in Australia, but the idea started well before that! There was an extensive 4-year intensive research phase before our first product was launched. We grew so quickly that by 2022, we had launched in the US.

Q: Why microbial formulas and what does that mean?

A: Just like humans, plants don't just need nutrients to survive. In nature, they thrive on a complex mix of microbes, fungi, hormones, enzymes, nutrients, and micronutrients. This disappears when we take them from nature and put them in a pot. When we use standard products, we are simply adding synthetic nutrients that actually hinder rather than help our plants. We the Wild actually replicates the ecosystem as closely as possible, to bring plants everything they need in a way that's simpler, organic, and effective. They can be used on ALL plants at ALL times of year without the fear of burning or overdosing your plants as you can with traditional chemical-based fertilizers.

Q: What's your favorite type of plant?

A: Hoyas! I love the variety in leaf shapes and colors as well as their unique blooms. Make sure these trailing plants receive a lot of bright indirect light and I personally like to water mine with our Bloom Concentrate for stunning flowers.

Q: What's your best advice for a beginner plant parent?

A: My biggest advice is to choose a plant based on your space's lighting conditions! Take inspiration from the natural environment that closely resembles your living or working area when choosing your plants. For instance, attempting to grow succulents in a dimly lit room is setting yourself up for planty failure!

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