How To Trim Your Houseplants

How To Trim Your Houseplants

"What's pruning?" we hear you ask! Well, stress-less because pruning your houseplants is easy as pie! Actually, it's a bit like giving your houseplants a spa day, and spring is the perfect time. Here's everything you need to know about pruning and trimming your houseplants.

Why Prune Your Houseplants? 

bushy pothos
  1. Divert Energy: It takes a lot of energy to keep dead or yellow leaves hanging there. By snipping them away, your plant will redirect that energy towards new growth!

  2. Make Them Glamorous: No need to worry about that philodendron taking over your entire living room or having a sparse Fiddle Leaf Fig! Trimming plants gets them to the perfect shape and size for you!

  3. Bring On That New Growth: Cut off leggy stems and struggling leaves; it'll encourage your plant to produce fresh foliage.


Trimming Tips and Tricks: Roll out your repotting mat to catch those leaves and any other mess.

  1. Remove Dead or Yellowing Leaves: Let's get rid of ugly leaves! Trim them off at the base using some scissors or shears.

  2. Prune Leggy Stems: If your plant is stretching towards the light, but there's more stem than leaf, trim the entire stem. Make your cuts just above a leaf node (the point where a leaf grows from the stem). It'll make it bushy.

  3. Pinch the Tops: another way to encourage bushier growth! Just pinch or snip off the top few inches of stems. It'll mean you'll see new growth from lower down, making your climbing plant fuller.


Post Pruning Pointers:

  1. Use Support Pellets: they will reduce any stress from the pruning session, and help your plants make the most of their new "do"!

  2. Don't overwater: Let the soil dry slightly before the next watering.

  3. Keep an Eye Out: Watch your plant closely in the days following pruning. If you notice any signs of stress, increase your doses of Support Pellets, pushing it down into the soil. 

Thanks for joining this plant therapy session! 🌿🌟

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