A guide to repotting this Spring

A guide to repotting this Spring

It’s finally Spring time, people! Do you know what that means? REPOTTING!

It can be pretty daunting, but with this guide under your belt - you’ll be an expert in no time!  

First thing’s first: how do I know when to repot my plants?
Keep an eye out for a few telltale signs: 

  • Roots poking from the bottom of your pot 
  • Pot is packed firm with roots when you press the sides 
  • Plants are drying out very fast
  • New growth is small or not forming properly 
  • Slow or no growth


What's the best pot for repotting my plants?
As a general rule of thumb, if your pot is under 25cm in diameter, go up one size. 
If your pot’s bigger than that, jump up a couple of sizes! 

Do I remove the old soil?
It's usually best to use the opportunity to refresh your soil. Most common soils can contain more pests and toxins, and less nutrients. Reduce the shock of repotting your plants, and give it the best start with Support Pellets, found in our Revive and Thrive Kit

So, how do I repot?

1. Remove the plant from its current pot

Gently hold your plant from its base and turn the pot to the side. Tap and squeeze the sides of the pot while gently pulling on the base of the plant to release it. 

2. Remove soil and loosen roots

Shake off excess soil and remove the rest. You can add this to your compost, or mix our Support Pellets into it, moisten it with water and let it rest in a sealed plastic bag to revitalise it. 

3. Prepare your soil 

Get your favourite well draining potting mix and add a liberal dose of Support Pellets. Just mix it right through, and remember that more is generally better - it cannot burn or harm your plants. 

4. Get potting!

Add a layer of your Support enriched soil, and add a tablespoon of pellets where you want to place your plant. Centre your plant in the pot. Add soil around it and gently shake, tap and pat it down until your plant is standing securely without assistance. 

5. Water thoroughly 

Plants get thirsty when they’re stressed, so make sure you give your newly potted babe a good drink with Grow Concentrate right after potting! 


We the Wild's Revive and Thrive Kit is the perfect way to make repotting your plants a breeze. 


Still curious about repotting? Check out our guide to roots here or our soil guide here. For any other burning questions, you can always drop us a line on our instant chat or Instagram

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