How to Keep Your Potted (or cut) Christmas Tree Alive and Thriving!

How to Keep Your Potted (or cut) Christmas Tree Alive and Thriving!

There’s nothing quite like that beautifully fresh, piney aroma of a real Christmas tree to get you into the festive spirit. But in Australia, there’s no denying that a festive fir might need a little extra TLC to keep it looking its best throughout the holiday season.

Here are some essential tips to keep your cut or potted tree happy and healthy.



  1. Closely inspect your tree before buying. Make sure your tree isn’t wilting, and the cut is straight and clean. Jagged edges is more likely to lead to rot and mould. You can always recut the trunk an inch above once you get it home!
  2. Treat it like a bunch of flowers. Submerge the cut base into a bucket of water as quickly as possible and continually top it up with fresh water. Add Support Pellets to the water to extend the life of your tree.
  3. Stay away from heat and aircon. Try to keep your tree well away from anything that emits dry blasts of air, like heating (fingers crossed its not needed this summer) and most importantly, aircon



These tips are for more traditional Christmas tree species, but we recommend trying Australian natives for a hardy and local twist!

  1. Get your watering right. Monitor the soil and water with Grow Concentrate diluted in water when you can feel the soil is almost but not quite completely dry. If you start to see needles drying out, you’re underwatering it.
  2. Maximise sunlight! They grow best outdoors, so keep it inside for 2-3 weeks, and then shift it out to a balcony or verandah, giving it approx. 6 hours of light a day. Make sure you slowly transition the plant to its new position – otherwise it can die of shock!
  1. Regularly feed your potted Christmas tree. Both Grow Concentrate and Support Pellets are great to keep your festive babe in tip top condition (and to reduce shock once it’s moved outside!).
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