How to Get Plants For Free!

How to Get Plants For Free!

Get propagating!

propagated plantGrab your favourite houseplants and get snipping! Whether it's water, soil or leca, propagating couldn't be easier! Learn how to do it by reading our propagation guide - it's got everything you need to know about houseplant propagation. Make sure you use Support Pellets to speed up the process. Propagating is a great way to build a vertical garden, grow a meaningful (and cheap) gift or even fill out a sparse looking pot!

Collect seeds from your friends.

Collecting seeds from mature plants is another way to get your hands on new plants for free. It's a great way to grow herbs and other easy to grow edibles. BUT, did you know that popular houseplants like Monstera Deliciosa, Peace Lillies and African Violets can all be harvested from seed? Ummmmm, yes! Did you know that our Revive and Thrive Kit is a great way to kickstart your seeds?

Attend plant swaps and rescues

Plant swaps or plant rescues bring together plant nerds, and plant beginners alike. It's a great way to meet people while trading plants for free. Check out social media to find plant swaps and rescues. You might even be lucky enough to snag a rare plant!


Want to save money? Our Value Pack Trio is the most cost effective way to stop your plants dying!

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