How To Care For Plants In Autumn / Fall.

How To Care For Plants In Autumn / Fall.

It's sad when the days get shorter and we start to notice temperatures dropping!  The benefit? PLANTS! Even though it's getting colder, houseplants still need care. Here's some tips for caring for houseplants in autumn.

  1. Slightly drop your watering schedule: cooler days mean that houseplants aren't as thirsty as they are in summer. Check the soil and make sure it's dry or juuuust moist before watering your plants. Don't forget, you can keep adding Grow Concentrate all year round!

  2. Move your plants during the day: cluster your plants in a nice bright spot during the day, so that they are maximising the sunlight. You can move them back to their perfect position once the sun drops!

  3. Clean leaves: As the air becomes drier, dust can accumulate on the leaves of your houseplants. Use Leaf Cleaning Gloves and Protect Spray to stop dangerous dust build up. 

  4. Prune dead or damaged leaves: just like us, houseplants are adapting to the changing weather. You might notice that some leaves die. It's normal, so just snip them off!

  5. Keep feeding with bioactive fertiliser: hold off on chemical fertilisers - they can't be used in autumn or winter. If you want to keep seeing results, use Grow Concentrate and Support Pellets all year round. 

With a little bit of love this autumn, your indoor plants will keep living their best life all year round!

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