Tips to Keep Your Houseplants Happy While You Travel

Tips to Keep Your Houseplants Happy While You Travel

We definitely ALL deserve some much needed family time this year, but travelling can leave your plants a bit under the weather. Follow these top tips to keep your plants tip-top while you’re away from home. 

Watering the plant

Give your plants a spa before you leave

To keep your plants alive while you travel, it’s a great idea to give all your plants a really decent soak with diluted Grow Concentrate. Water until drops drain from the bottom, or soak them for a few hours in a shallow bath. As long as the soil is wet, you’re onto a winner! If watered well, most plants will be fine by themselves for 1-2 weeks. 

Boost the humidity like a boss

For tropical plants, you can maintain their humidity by placing them on a pebble tray. Find out our other humidity hacks here. 

Avoid those harsh rays

Under watered plants will be less stressed out of sunlight, and soil will stay moist for longer. Move them away from windows and consider partly closing blinds and curtains. A spritz of Protect spray will make sure they don’t collect dust while you’re away. 

Plants in the shade

Group your fronds together

Plants release moisture through their leaves in a process called transpiration. This creates a mini microclimate that many of your plants will love, so group them together. For hardy succulents, this isn’t completely necessary. 

Do a DIY greenhouse

Another way to keep your plants healthy while you travel is to cover the foliage with a translucent plastic bag secured to the top of the pot. Add stakes to keep the bag off the leaves, and cut a few slits to increase ventilation. 

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