Save money AND be more sustainable with these 5 houseplant tips

Save money AND be more sustainable with these 5 houseplant tips

We created We the Wild because we believe that you should be able to care for your plants, without damaging the environment. Here's some ways you can have more sustainable gardening goals! 

1. Say no to chemical plant care

The synthetic, man-made fertilisers and pesticides you're used to are completely nasty. Plastic coated fertiliser granules, petrol-based pest sprays and ammonia based plant foods...they actually make it harder to care for your plants.

We the Wild pack a plant-powering punch by using the beneficial microbes and fungi from nature, not chemicals or unsustainably mined 'organic' nutrients. It means you can grow thriving plants, and avoid buying replacements!


2. Repurpose or buy second hand plant accessories

Do you need a new vase to propagate, or will that lovely mustard jar do the trick? As our plant collections grow, so does our need for pots and vessels. Try rummaging through your local op shop or on Facebook Marketplace. Not only will you save a few bucks, but you’re finding something unique and sustainable. Win, win, WIN! (image Pinterest)


3. Avoid plastic pots

When it comes to buying pots, opt for clay or ceramic instead of plastic. They look schmick, are less likely to break, and age beautifully to become uniquely 'you'. If you already have nursery pots, keep and reuse them where possible. 


4. Take part in a plant swap

Remember how exciting it was to trade Pokemon cards and Tazos? Try the plant version! Not only are swaps fun, but they save money AND the environment! You can search for plant swap events in your area, find a Facebook group or even host your own. 


5. Grow plants from cuttings

Why buy plants when you can grow them for free? Use cuttings from friends, family or neighbours instead of buying new plants. You'll enjoy the satisfaction of growing a lush plant from scratch, and lower your Co2 emissions.

Little things make a big difference if enough people make a change, so get growing and make your greenthumbs even greener! 

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