How do I grow a Fiddle Leaf Fig?

How do I grow a Fiddle Leaf Fig?

Why do you want a Fiddle-Leaf Fig?

Fiddle leaf Figs; they ‘re sculptural, affordable, easy to find…and can be a b***h to care for. If your fiddle is losing its leaves, drooping or just looking generally sad, this guide is for you! Use it as a checklist, and soon, it’ll be as fit as a…


Where do Fiddle-Leaf Fig’s come from?

Fiddles hail from the tropical lowland forests of Africa, where they can grow up to 15m in height! When starting out with a Fiddle Leaf Fig, think about the conditions that an ecosystem like this offers; bright, indirect light, rich soil, infrequent but heavy rainfall (can we move in?!)


Where should I position my Fiddle-Leaf?

Fiddle leaf fig in bright sunlight

Give them a bright spot out of direct sunlight and away from draughty winds, air-conditioning and heating air. But what is bright, indirect light? A handy tip is to check if you can easily read a book in the space, without the need for electricity. Yes? Your Fiddle-Leaf Fig will likely love it!


What’s the best pot for a Fiddle-Leaf?


Good drainage is the key for these tropical loves, so find a container with wide, or several holes.  As your tree grows, you can keep them small by trimming their roots when they start to outgrow their pot, or if you’re like us, and the bigger the better, replace the pot every year or two, making sure to move one size up. Fiddle’s can handle being snug in their pot, so if it’s happy and healthy, don’t worry too much.


How do I maintain healthy leaves?

The wide leaves of our tropical friends are designed to capture hearty levels of bright indirect sunlight, but at home, that makes them particularly susceptible to dust build up. Read about why dust is bad here, and use a low-oil spray like Protect to maintain healthy and glossy foliage.


What’s the best soil for a Fiddle Leaf Fig?

Often, store bought Fiddles are potted in poor quality soil. It can be a good idea to repot in a good-quality potting mix that drains well and contains a decent proportion of organic material. Adding Support Pellets to your soil mix is the easiest way to boost the root health.


we the wild support pellets

How often should I water them?

Water when the top few centimetres of soil are dry- this may be every few days during the middle of summer,  and only once every 10 days or so in the cooler months, depending on how dry your house is.


When and how should I fertilise Fiddle Leaf Figs?

Fiddle Leaf Figs can be quite hungry beasts, so they appreciate being fed with a bioactive fertiliser like Grow Concentrate, every 2 weeks (or every second time you water). While chemical fertilisers need to be wound back in winter, you can keep using our Grow concentrate throughout the season. Slow-release fertilisers are also great to add to the soil surface or mixed into new potting soil, especially something organic like We the Wild’s Support Pellets.


Why does my Fiddle have brown spots? 

underwatered fiddle leaf fig

Brown and crispy at the edges could mean not enough watering/too low humidity. Make sure they’re not getting too much harsh sunlight and that they’re not getting too dry in between drinks. Smaller brown on new leaves are very common and not harmful. Often, they can be a sign of inconsistent watering, so make sure you keep a regular schedule! Remember that these tropical senoritas are sensitive to cold, so make sure they’re in a warm spot during the winter months!


Why is my Fiddle dropping leaves?

There’s a few causes for dropping leaves, but by far the most common is overwatering. Remember to let your Fiddle dry out a bit between drinks, and then water thoroughly so that the water drains from the bottom of the pot. If you’re a forgetful plant parent, leaves could be dropping from dehydration, so if you see crispy brown edges, you may need to up the water. Beware of chemical fertilisers; they can build up in the soil and overdose your Fiddle Leaf Fig. We the Wild products are especially formulated for houseplants like the Fiddle.  


Is dust a big problem for Fiddle Leaf Figs?

Those big beautiful leaves can collect dust, which essentially starves your plant! Learn about why removing dust is so important by clicking here, and think about using something like our Protect Spray to reduce dust build up. 

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