Here's how to help bees survive, whether you're in a flat or on a farm.

Here's how to help bees survive, whether you're in a flat or on a farm.

I don't know about you, but I always took bees for granted...after all, a stinging insect must be bad, right?! But with bees and all pollinators, in rapid decline, our perspective has taken a 180 turn. It's the most crucial time to support our ecosystem like our life depends on it...Because it does! Judy Friedlander from PlantingSeeds says 'We are trying to raise awareness of the many pollinators in Australia and the world that help biodiversity- there are 2000 types of bees and over 800 bird species. Plants need them all." The good news? Whether you live in a flat, or on a farm, you can help. Here are 3 small changes you can make at home, to help save the bees. 


We need to demand that companies stop using harmful pesticides that kill bees and other beneficial insects. The ONLY way this will happen, is if we stop buying. It was so important that we formulated our Protect Spray to be friendly to bees and other beneficial insects. Do your research and avoid petrochemicals. 


In Australia, we're so lucky to have so many pollen-rich natives that can sit proudly on a balcony or in a backyard. Look for dwarf Grevilleas, Tea Tree, or Bottle Brush for that Australiana feel. Want a Mediterranean vibe? Citrus, Lavender and Rosemary can feed both you, and your buzzing friends!


In city areas, water scarcity can deter bees. Moist sand or pebbles in a shallow bath of water can provide an easy pit stop between pollinating. 
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