Make a statement with 3 TREES you can grow inside!

Make a statement with 3 TREES you can grow inside!

For us, every day is International Tree Day! If you're looking to make a statement inside, look no further than our top 3 trees to grow inside. 


Yucca Tree

Looking for that Western boho vibe, but don’t have enough light for the indoor cactus garden of your dreams? A Yucca is your answer! They love bright, indirect light and a thorough dry-out between waterings, so perfect for forgetful plant parents.

They’re also pretty resilient to pests, which is always a plus. Yuccas’ dark, structural leaves look AH-MAZING when they’re shined up, so keep her looking fresh with a regular spray of Protect!



Rubber Tree

Want to give a pop of colour? Rubber Trees can be found in stunning hues, and with the right TLC, will grow HUGE!

If you have a very bright area with windows that gets lots of direct light, these babies are the perfect option! They're hardy, so only water when the top soil is dry to the touch and add Support Pellets to help regulate moisture uptake! Read our care guide here



Australian Tree Fern (and other tree ferns)

If you’re from the East Coast, you’re probably very familiar with this local legend. The Australian Tree Fern is a staple of our landscape, but did you know it can also be a staple in your indoor plant collection? 

Providing lots of bright, indirect light and keeping the soil evenly moist is the ticket here! They’re also pretty voracious feeders, so you can definitely use Grow with every water to ensure you’re seeing the amazing spectacle of an unfurling frond all year round!

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