How Food Artist Ami Shoesmith uses plants to give her dishes the wow factor!

How Food Artist Ami Shoesmith uses plants to give her dishes the wow factor!

If anyone embodies the vibrancy of the kitchen, it’s Ami Shoesmith! For years, the passionate foodie and nature lover has wowed followers of @the_sunkissed_kitchen with edible works of art, made from fruit and adorned with edible flowers and greens that you can grow at home!


“It started pretty organically, when my sister convinced me to post photos of my breakfast. It then just kind of took off! Some big accounts reposted my photos (including the official Instagram account) and the rest is history!” Since then, Ami has worked on magazine covers in the USA, and has even contributed to a few cookbooks! We sat down with the Byron Based foodie.


You're a long-time vegan. What challenges come with that?


I think it was challenging in the beginning when nobody knew what being a vegan meant (I went vegan over 20 years ago) but now, it’s quite easy. I think making sure you’re getting enough vitamin K2, Iodine, B12 and Zinc is key, so supplementing those is a good idea (even for people who aren’t vegan).


What advice do you have for someone new to veganism?


Don’t rely on processed vegan foods that mimic animal products. If you stick to whole plant foods as much as possible, you’re going to be a lot better off! I don’t eat any fake meats, and try to avoid anything that comes in a packet if I can (95% dark chocolate is probably my only weakness here.) 


What are the three secrets to building a killer plate of food art?


Find the best produce you can and think about how you can combine colours and shapes. Adding plants and foliage is a great way to soften a dish. 


What are some easy-to-grow edible plants that can give a dish the wow factor? 


Microgreens and edible flowers can make almost anything look amazing! You can grow flowers like Nasturtium in a pot on a sunny windowsill. Just make sure to use well draining soil and fertilise them regularly to encourage lots of flowers!


You're a farmer's market aficionado, tell us your ultimate must-visit markets!


My favourites in Australia are Mullumbimby (Northern NSW), Miami Organic Market (QLD), and Carriageworks (Sydney). When we can finally travel again, make sure you make your way to Union Square market in New York, KCC farmers market in Honolulu Hawaii, and Santa Monica Farmers Market. They are all absolutely amazing!

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