Follow these Plant Influencers to Inspire Your Next Shelfie

Follow these Plant Influencers to Inspire Your Next Shelfie

Whether you want to get to grips with your gardening skills or perfect your potting game, we’ve foraged our way through Instagram’s urban jungles and snap-worthy forests, to bring you our pick of the most enviable Instagram plant accounts. These plantfluencers are guaranteed to get you potting and planting like a pro.

Alan Chan @plant.jungle 

Another leaf-loving Instagram that took a welcome swerve into the plant space. Alan Chan originally started his account back in 2016 to document fashion, beauty and food. But when he started gaining likes and followers from green-fingered enthusiasts, his feed naturally evolved into a sprawling collection of aesthetically pleasing plant visuals and rare, unique finds.

Take a sneak peek inside his Surry Hills studio apartment, — his envious floor-to-ceiling collection of plants sprawls over every surface — swot up on his latest plant care tips, gardening inspiration and wellbeing advice, then browse through endless reels of monsteras, fiddle leafs, snake plants and poinsettias. His verdant sanctuary (which boasts around 150 plant babies in total) is enough to inspire even the most novice of green thumbs. Pure, unadulterated plant fun. 


Jaye Workman @thrift_plantabode 

Floral designer and stylist, and purveyor of the pre-loved, Jaye Workman has a knack for digging out damn good finds. She has an eye for detail and style — her boho-chic, 1970s Adelaide Hills home is full of fabulous earthy, neutral ceramics, textiles, plants and artwork— and a nose for a bargain. Many of her homewares and furniture are unique second hand gems that she’s sourced from op shops, garage sales and markets. She’s even found some beautiful items left out on the street.

Her passion for repurposing has garnered an Instagram fanbase of thrifty interior addicts, to whom she shares a number of tutorials and handy tips on styling, repurposing and propagating — from reusing and repurposing furniture, thrifting clothes and baskets for plants, to growing her own food and herbs — together with a love for florals and greenery. She’s a florist by trade, so loves to play with tone, textiles and plenty of foliage. We could spend hours scrolling through her feed of lush indoor greenery and vintage treasures.  We think you will too. 

Rachel Smiles @lushlittlejungle

For plant-loving novices too scared to venture into the living plant world, this account is guaranteed to quash all your fears. Interior enthusiast and plant lover Rachel Smiles was just like you when she started out. In fact, she started swapping synthetic greenery for the real deal back in 2018, and she’s now the proud creator of an indoor leafy paradise, adorned with over 150 shrubs and flowers. 

Potted and hanging plants cover every inch of available space in her small Sydney apartment, with shelves, corners and crevices teeming with plants in a kaleidoscope of emerald hues. Her blog and her Instagram account are well worth a follow, not just for the green eye candy, she also shares savvy interior styling tips and some really helpful advice on how to keep your plants and gardens in tip-top shape. Plus, if you’ve ever flirted with the idea of an indoor garden, but shunned the idea because you thought you were short on space, THIS is this girl who will sway you. 


Ben Alcaraz @planstbybenny

Melbourne-based interior designer and self-proclaimed “plant daddy”, Ben Alcaraz has been chronicling his indoor jungle @planstbybenny for the past five years. What started as a travel photography feed quickly blossomed into a bonafide foliage fan page after his plant friends convinced him to spend $500 on a monstera and devil’s ivy. The plant addiction swiftly followed — his jungle is now an expansive collection of rare plants.

He’s since achieved serious cult status in the plantfluencer world, and it’s not hard to see why. His artistically curated feed is filled with eye-catching greenery in every glorious form. But it’s not just his green thumbs that have people hooked, it’s his impeccable eye for style (his interior styling is second to none), his perfected plant shelfies (Insta snaps of well-curated shelves) and his informative plant care tips that run the gamut from watering to fertilising to dusting leaves, and more. 



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