Decoding the Drama of Yellow Leaves on Your Plants

Decoding the Drama of Yellow Leaves on Your Plants

Your plant has just popped a yellow leaf... don't panic!

Finding a yellow leaf can make you feel like you're failing as a plant parent however, your plant is just trying to tell you what it needs! Keep reading to decode your plant woes.


Yellow Leaves with Crispy Edges

If your yellowing leaves are curled and droopy with crispy edges - check your soil. Your leafy babe is probably screaming for a drink. Add a sprinkle of Support Pellets to your soil before you water to protect against abiotic stressors.


Yellow Leaves and Soggy Soil

If you're regularly watering your plants and are finding yellow leaves with soggy stems and even fungus gnats it's time to cut back on your watering. Save your plants from overwatering and dreaded root rot - pop a finger in your soil to check that it's dry before watering. 

Dealing with fungus gnats in your soggy soil? Pop a pest trap on the edge of your pot to catch the buggers. 


Mature Leaves Yellowing

If you're noticing older leaves on your plants yellowing and falling off, have no fear. Shedding old leaves is just a part of your plant's natural cycle, especially in the colder months. You can prune these leaves for aesthetics or let them fall naturally. New time you water, add a squirt of Grow to encourage new growth.


Yellowing Leaves with Damage

Noticing some irregular yellowing leaves? Take some time to inspect all of your plants leaves to make sure there are no nasties hiding in your plant, waiting to take over. Tackle leaf bound pests with our Leaf Cleaning Gloves to scrape off those buggers.


Whether from a watering change or  sneaky pests, yellow leaves are a powerful insight on the health of your plants. Next time you're practicing planty care take some extra time to check in and inspect your plant's leaves. They'll thank you later! 💚

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