A Celeb Spotlight on Plant Parenting!

A Celeb Spotlight on Plant Parenting!

Celebs are just like us - plant parents that is! These stars aren't just famous for their talent; they're also green thumbs!

David Beckham

Known for his style on and off the pitch, Beckham's love for plants might come as a surprise to some. But if you've been keeping up with his social media, you'll know that he's all about his outdoor garden.  Beckham's green thumb is as impressive as his free-kick technique.


David Beckham Garden



Oprah Winfrey

Next, let's talk about the queen of daytime television herself, Oprah Winfrey. When she's not interviewing A-listers or empowering audiences, Oprah can often be found tending to her garden and if you're lucky, you might even catch her sharing planty tips on her channels!



Reese Witherspoon

As an award-winning actress, producer, and entrepreneur, Witherspoon's plate is undoubtedly full. But she always finds time for her plants. Whether she's potting up herbs or arranging fresh flowers, Witherspoon's passion for plants shines through. And let's not forget her Instagram-worthy plant selfies.

reese witherspoon and fresh cut flowers


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